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The Start of Talking Craft Candle Co

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Welcome to our blog, we’re so glad you’re here! We are delighted to have you join us on our small business journey as we share the story behind our candles and the inspiration that fuels our creativity.

At Talking Craft Candle Co, we believe that candles possess an extraordinary ability to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and create unforgettable moments. Every candle we handcraft is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, elegance, and sustainability.

Before we dive into our story, let us have the pleasure of introducing ourselves. We are Alyssa and Michael, the passionate founders of Talking Craft. Our candle-making journey began as a delightful hobby that brought us closer as a couple back in 2019. Little did we know that this shared interest would soon blossom into a full-fledged business venture. When the pandemic struck and I (Alyssa) found myself unexpectedly laid off from work, I saw an opportunity to turn our candle-making passion into something more. With unwavering determination, I took the leap and decided to dedicate myself to crafting candles full time. Each and every product we create is a labor of love, infused with my passion and commitment to delivering exceptional quality.

Our candle business is built upon the foundation of ethical practices and environmental responsibility. That's why we have chosen soy wax as our base. By utilizing soy wax, we ensure that our candles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly. Soy wax is derived from renewable resources, making it a sustainable alternative to traditional paraffin wax candles. We firmly believe in minimizing our ecological footprint while providing you with an exquisite candle that illuminates your space with a clean, soot-free burn.

When you choose our candles, you are not just acquiring a product; you are inviting an enchanting atmosphere into your life. Each candle is meticulously hand-poured with love and attention to detail. We carefully select clean fragrance oils and natural essential oils to create a gentle and delightful ambiance in your space.

At Talking Craft Candle Co, we take great pride in crafting candles that transcend the ordinary. Our collection features an array of exquisite designs, from elegant and minimalist to intricately decorated creations. Whether you're seeking a centerpiece for your dining table, a calming presence for your meditation space, or a heartfelt gift for a loved one, we have the perfect candle to suit your desires.

Join us on this captivating journey as we explore the art of candle-making, share insightful tips on candle care, and delve into the wondrous ways candles can enhance your life.

Stay tuned for more from us!

couple selling candles at a craft fair

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